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Saturday, March 19, 2016

3/20/16 -- Katie's Journey (Old Amarillo, Amish Journeys #1) WeWriWa

Welcome back to Katie's journey, from the beginning of Old Amarillo (Amish Journeys #1) which is available now! 

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When we left off, our Amish girl Katie Knepp faced down a pack of hungry coyotes her first night on the trail to Texas before being rescued by Montana-bound Michaela Dawson and her family. Peter Wagler, the love she left behind, appeared in her dreams as she slept. Which brings us up to speed ...

A flash of heat surged in Katie's core as her mind fought to awaken to the newly dawning day. “Peter, if you love me, then why didn’t you ask me to marry you? I might have stayed…for you.” But Peter was gone. 

Katie’s eyes fluttered open. Across camp, Michaela was starting breakfast while her two fearless coyote hunters snored from their nearby bedrolls. Homesickness washed over her, a sob catching in 
her throat. 

Katie turned her back to the happy familial scene and let the salty, cleansing tears soak her cheeks. 

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